on Sunday, December 16th
14h, Friesenplatz Cologne

With barely rising numbers of asylum seekers in Germany this autumn, there is the well-known reflex of discrimination, hate campaigns, scenarios of crises, resistance and hasty deportations. This we cannot accept.

Call for the Refugee March to Berlin

Open meeting of support and information - Autonomes Zentrum (Wiersbergstrasse 44, Köln-Kalk)
There will be food and drinks. Who is in need of a transport from home and later back should call 0163-8665462 (german or english).

No Border Camp 2012 Cologne

Stop the War on Migrants and Refugees


"Since the 1990s, noborder camps are organized all over Europe . They are meeting points for people with or without migrant background and deal with subjects such as racism, migration, political asylum, deportation and many others.

The full right of residence for All!

The full right of residence for All!

"As „tolerated refugees“ we live with permanent fear of deportation. Many of us have been woken up by the police and deported early in the morning.

Most of us have been living here for many years, Germany has been our home for ten or more years. In Cologne alone there are approximately 5000 „tolerated refugees“.

Info & Discussion

Legalize yourself!

Friday  27th april 2007 – 19 h
Café Tuba, Köln – Moselstr. 80

They squat churches, make demonstrations and hunger strikes; hundreds of “People without Papers” in Belgium fight for legalization.
Two activists from Belgium show a film and report their situation.
Freedom of question and discussion.


STAY HERE! Right of permanent residency!

Saturday, october 7th 2006
3:00 pm: Demonstration, Rudolfplatz, Köln
4:00 pm: Manifestation, Domplatte, Köln

with CLAN DESTINO feat. Red Rugged & Paco Mendoza, FULANI (afrozouk/caribbean beat), SAMSON KIDANE (Eritrea), MICROPHONE MAFIA, SOUNX OF COLONIA a.o.

Fotos: Gesa Vögele

Demonstration for the right of permanent residence

About 200 people gathered in the center of Cologne for a colourful demonstration for the right to stay in Germany.

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SODEXHO - Catering Company for World Youth Day

Public protest – friday 19th – 4 pm – behind the cathedral

Protest on august 19th, Rhine shore


Stop the policy of deterrence of the city of Cologne

Saturday, 10th july - from 12 am  Manifestation and Picket
In front of the camp at the Vorgebirgsstraße (Corner Bonner Wall)

Saturday 17th july – 12 am  DEMONSTRATION

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Committee against State Racism


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