Karawane-Festival 4.-6.6. in Jena

The Caravan Festival 2010

For the rights of refugees and migrants in Europe

(June 4th – 6th, 2010 in Jena – Germany)

Unite against colonial injustice
in memory of the dead victims of Fortress Europe

Open Air Festival against Neo-colonialism and Racism

A place without racism, sexism and discrimination where everyone cares for each other!
A bastion of humanity and solidarity!

The organizers are looking for some artist that like to participate.

Court trial against Cornelius Yufanyi for disrespecting the "Residenzpflicht"

Worbis/ Thüringen: Fax Campaign to be continued - Cornelius Yufanyi court trial on the 17.01.2002 is suspended

We appeal to all supporters and campaigners against the German Apartheid ”Residenzpflicht” - Residence Obligation and the restriction of movement for refugees to continue the protest fax campaign against the Worbis court trial of Cornelius Yufanyi.
You can make public the civil disobedience of the refugees' protest against the payment or fine for their freedom of movement.

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