Oury Jalloh - Information event and Demonstration

On Tuesday, December 30th at 6 pm, there will be an information event in colognewith representants of the initiative Oury Jalloh from Dessau. The event will take place in Café Fatsch in Josephkirchtraße 25 in Kalk. Since there was going on a lot in 2014 concerning the scandaluous non-claryfiing of the murder case Oury Jalloh, the event should also be interesting for people who are already familiar to the topic.

And on wednesday, january 7th, there will be a demonstration in memory of Oury Jalloh in Köln.
The meeting point is at 6 p.m. Trainstation Ehrenfeld, exit Stammstraße. Oury Jalloh - murder was the case!

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